Audio Marketing

Audio marketing is the art of using sound to inform and promote to customers at their point of interest in your service. An engaging piece of audio that your customers can listen to on your website is a great way of keeping people on your website longer and the longer they stay, the more likely they are to buy.


You can send a piece of audio to your clients and contacts. They are perfect for including within a newsletter and if your audience haven’t got the time to read all the text, they will listen to you. It’s all part of the interactive experience that is so important to today’s consumer.

Audio can be used to thank existing clients for their loyalty, sending out special offers, introducing a new product or service, displaying great testimonials or just conveying useful info to your customers. The flexibility of audio is what makes it such a great marketing tool.

Audio is viral by nature. People will forward it on, it can get retweeted on Twitter, and shared on Facebook. The exposure can be enormous and your message can be heard by more than those people who subscribe to your newsletter or originally listened to it on your website. You can’t ask for a more cheaper way of advertising than that !

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